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Great Falls, Virginia, USA


LF, founder of North America TEN, is a full time International Affairs Executive by day, but secretly develops websites and social media platforms for her favorite Turkish actors by night.


LF discovered Turkish dizis after accidentally clicking on Kurt Seyit ve Sura on Netflix, and in ten seconds she was hooked. Her admiration for the incredible acting of Kivanc Tatlitug led her to launch Kivanc Tatlitug North America in May 2017. A wild tweet about Kenan in October 2018 launched Kenan Imirzalioglu North America, and the rest as they say, is history.


When she is not traveling the world or designing websites (or doing one of the other 20,000 tasks as leader of NA TEN), she's practicing Yoga, enjoying nature, or watching Turkish dizis. LF lives with her husband of 32 years and has three grown children. If and when she retires, she plans to live on a boat in the tropics where she will start every morning with Yoga sun salutations.

Irma Carpino Morrison 
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada 


Born in Canada, Irma Morrison describes her Italian heritage as, “Like a fine wine, made in Italy and bottled in Canada.”


With a background in education, Irma worked in the learning and development field with the Canadian Government where she developed and facilitated their Management Development Training Program. She also enjoyed a stint at Hewlett Packard in customer service.


As for the fun she's having now, Irma credits Netflix—where she discovered Kurt Seyit ve Sura. After sharing the series with a few online friends, Kivanc Tatlitug North America was born.


Irma is currently the lead admin for Ibrahim Çelikkol North America, and shares her organizational and training skills with the rest of NA TEN.


Although Irma's son Robbie is the greatest joy of her life, she also loves pottery, cooking Italian meals for friends, and learning.

Jehane Gad Zorayan

 Cairo, Egypt

Born in Egypt, Jehane spent her first 20 years going back and forth between Egypt, Lebanon and Europe.

Despite a French baccalaureate in philosophy, she aspired for a career in Fine Arts, but instead used her artsy skills to raise her 4 sons.


Finally settled in Montreal, Canada, her career took another turn when she joined the family surface finishing business to implement Quality Assurance procedures and management system.


Jehane was an avid reader until she was pushed into watching Kuzey Guney by her friend and Mentor L.F. to whom she can’t refuse anything! Since then, totally Kivanced, she happily devotes all her skills and free time to KTNA (lead admin, Instagram, Twitter) and NA TEN.

Nathalie Yachouh

Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA


Nathalie: Immigrant, entrepreneur, mother, firecracker, and more....


As a young child, Nathalie’s family immigrated to the USA under the attack of the war in Beirut, Lebanon.


After earning multiple Finance degrees, the firecracker became an entrepreneur and turned her passion for creating memorable events into a business.


A whole new world opened up to the mom of three when she discovered Kurt Seyit ve Sura on Netflix—the world of Kivanc Tatlitug in particular.


With her gorgeous “Sistas from different Mistas,” Nathalie now manages all the NA TEN Pinterest accounts, Akin Akinozu's IG and public FB accounts, organizes events, and does 'a little of this, a little of that.'


Nathalie is thrilled to have recently discovered meditation and self-healing, and also loves animals, long walks on the beach, working out, dancing, and singing (BADLY).

Ginger Monette

Charlotte, NC, USA


Ginger Monette once aspired to plan marketing strategies for consumer-related products, but ended up as a hotel sales director, mother of three, and homeschool curriculum consultant. In 2013, she began writing novels based on Jane Austen's iconic Pride and Prejudice.


A fascination with World War I prompted Ginger to click 'play' on Kurt Seyit ve Sura. That discovery of Kivanc Tatlitug and Turkish Drama changed her life.


Now the YouTube admin for North America TEN, she spends most of her day juggling video footage and editing translations for the six NA TEN actors while trying to lead the Cagatay Ulusoy North America team and help with marketing in her "other" spare time.

When Ginger isn't “Kivancing,” she enjoys public speaking, Pilates, and dancing on the treadmill.

Viviane O'Keefe

 Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Born in Egypt but raised in England, Viviane worked for the British Ministry of Defense out of high school. She had plans to work for NATO in France, but married and moved to Canada instead. After mothering five children, a passion for ceramics became a full-time home business, which turned into a bookkeeping business.


An avid reader and lover of British Period drama, in 2017, Viviane's Facebook friends recommended Kurt Seyit ve Sura on Netflix, and that was all it took--Viviane was hooked on Turkish Drama. Now she heads up the public FB page for Kivanc Tatlitug.

Merita Plaku

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Born in Albania.... Aspired to live the American dream.... Married for 31 years.... Mother of two boys....


Finance was her passion, but Human Resources was her destiny.


Currently a Human Resources Director, Merita often says, “I am an HR Director. Not a miracle worker.”


When she discovered Kivanc Tatlitug in Kurt Seyit ve Sura, Merita fell in love with Turkish dizis and all things Turkish. Now she's one of the North America TEN Admins.


Merita loves to travel, her motto being, “I don’t want to wake up one day when I am 80 years old and say to myself, I wish I had done that.” She considers herself fortunate to have met so many beautiful people from around the world, thanks to her love for the Turkish shows.


San Francisco Bay Area, USA

mh. is a tech entrepreneur and philanthropist, who seeks to leave the world better than how she found it. She stumbled upon Turkish drama in 2017 and fell in love with the human stories that come to life in the meandering narratives. Soon after, she joined the Kivanc Tatlitug North America forum and could not leave this world of dizis and its amazing followers.


With a knack for branding and a love for writing, in her spare time mh. finds joy in literary analysis of various shows, strategizing for North America TEN's web content and being lead admin for Cagatay Ulusoy North America (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube). She publishes her written work through her account on twitter @entrespire

mh., her husband of 20 years and two young children, enjoy being in nature and head out to the rustic coast of California whenever they can.  Through her life’s journey, she is learning the art of living in the present, as waiting for the future to happen is exhausting at best. 


London, UK

Bio pending

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