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This is an English translation of Be Man's interview with Ibrahim Celikkol. The original interview was posted in January 2018. English translation courtesy of Vicky at Ibrahim Celikkol Addicted Greek Fans Facebook Group.

From the moment he entered the studio, he put all of us under his influence. In front of us there is an amazing man with stunning natural structure. Gentle, natural and very handsome. In his work he is highly dominant. He is so professional that the photo shoot lasted three hours. Ibrahim's energy along with the team of Hakan (the styling editor) present these stunning photos and we assure you that they will be discussed a lot. He pierces with his amazing look which works inside of those who are in front of him. He is not a jeune premier (young lead) that we meet usually. He is a little withdrawn. He played many leading roles until now but this time he makes the difference. Now he is Ferhat in the phenomenon series of KanalD "Siyah Beyaz Ask". He is a little mysterious, maybe unreachable, emotional, talented, respectful to his work and he is at the peak of his acting. He is beyond a real man. Ibrahim Celikkol: a familiar jeune premier. No need for more words.

*Do you think that there is someone who can handle these effective looks? Do you find yourself handsome?

This is connected completely with my mood. In whole, I find myself handsome when I feel good.

*It's definite that doing sports always in your life contributes to acting. What sports are you doing, how do you keep yourself fit?

I play basketball. In winter I do snowboarding and in summer I do kiteboarding. I'm interested in mountain sports, I sail. Sports is a part of my life.

*You are a man of nature, you live out of the city and you are famous. How do you cope with these contradictions?

I enjoy all of them. I have no specific method. There is a different excitement that I feel for each one of them and a different energy that I draw through each one of them. I love even more these contradictions with all these different energies gathered.

*How are you in love? Which is the most important thing in a relationship according to you?

To give and to receive freedom. Not to be dependent but connected. To be friends with one another and to respect one another.

*What do you look for most in women? What draws your attention to the opposite sex?


*You spend most of your time with four legged living beings. Are you with them because they make you feel better?

I love animals, I love my dogs...I feel peaceful spending my time with them.

*Which is the most favorite role you played until now?

I learned many things through all of my roles. Each one of them contributed differently to me. That's why I don't want to choose.

*Siyah Beyaz Ask started on KanalD and is going very well. How did you get ready for this role?

The most painful process for an actor is to get into the role. The happened to me also. Day and night you try to take out something good. I read a lot, I talked to experienced people. In fact I discussed with many people in order to make this character real. I watched similar characters but you must work at whatever you try to create. As time goes by, as the scenario opens, you also become even more open, you get into the role even more.

*Are you a man that never smiles like Ferhat's character in the series? Do you two look alike?

There are similar elements. We are similar in the sentimental aspects mostly. We are both merciful, and maybe we act fearlessly in difficulties. I am also like that from time to time. It seems that he doesn't listen to that fearlessness or his beloved ones but actually he examines thoroughly every word. I am also someone who listen to others without being revealed. But instead, I smile very much, I love to smile/laugh.

*In the series, you matched very much with Birce Akalay. How did you get this chemistry?

We've had a lot of energy from the moment we started working together. We both try to do a good job in good faith. We both try to hold in front the "we" more than the "I". This is beautifully reflected in our chemistry, in our work and in us.

*In the series, there are action scenes. Is there action in your life?

In every man's life story there are his own activities which lift his soul up or doesn't lift it. All of them are different and nobody's activities are similar.

*Is the impossible love of Asli with Ferhat really impossible?

I don't think there is an impossible love. I love the power of love that makes the impossible happen. Love has the power to absorb, to renovate, to heal the wounds, to cure..

*What kind of man you are really?

A man knows himself but has difficulty explaining himself. I am very sensitive/emotional. I am a “crowded” man inside out. Actually, I give by my own the answers to all my questions.

*Where do you want to see yourself ten years after?

My concern is how I want to feel, more than where I want to see myself. I hope for a future that I will be in peace, to be excited with what I do, to continue being lifted by the energy of my life, to keep my inner world restless, to continue learning things, to be successful and to spend my time mostly with my beloved ones.

*Do you love acting? Did you have ever the acting in your plans?

Although it never crossed my mind, when I accompanied a friend of mine to acting auditions, I was called by chance for the audition too and I was chosen as a lead. Actually, my first pass at acting happened by a coincidence. However, acting is not such a coincidence or a work to be done by itself. You must give it a lot of effort, to work hard, to make a lot of sacrifices and to concentrate very much on it. It's an emotional work, but you can not defend your emotions unconsciously. You get together with the education you get, the experiences you live, the things you watch and read, the feelings you emote. Sometimes you feel like giving up..or wanting to draw back....Later there is something inside you that makes you not give up: there is a job in front of you, you rise up like crazy and you say go on by adding even more things on it. If I did another job, I couldn't get the thrill I feel now. That's why I love it so much and I always try hard to do it in the best way.

*Is there any role in your dreams that you want to play or you said "I must play that role"?

I can not say anything specific. Every role lifts me up where I can expand my boundaries. I absolutely want to play in the theater or play a musical. I guess this is the dream of any actor: the meeting with the audience and the reflecting of feelings live.

*What was the last book you read? Do you watch series? Do you watch your own series?

I read the Dan Brown's novel Beginning. There are some foreign series that I like a lot and I follow them online in my free time. I definitely watch my own series. I watch it even after the day of showing.

*What is the best thing you do for yourself?

My job. It is one of the most important choices in man's life. It's good I do acting. I guess there wouldn't be anything else where I would be able to reflect on myself and to be so excited. While growing up, acting turned me to be such a man with all what it gives to me.

*Who are the most precious in your life?

My family, my dogs.

*Are you free spirit/extreme? Do you have any limit on this?

I am passionate about freedom. When my energy lifts me up I have no limits regarding my free spirit/extremeness. However as I grow older I think I'm more careful.

*What is the first phrase that crosses your mind about life?

Take it seriously, live as your soul wants, because life is unexpectedly short.

*Are you social?

I love people. I love to spend time with them, to share things with them, to talk with them, to listen to them, to be with them in good and bad times.

*What is your favorite activity in your night out?

If you asked me that before, I would give you different answer. Now I don't go out too much. That's why I have no such activity.

*How do you think an actor should live?

There is not a single answer for that because first of all we are human beings. We all have excitement and anticipation about life, and for all of us these are valuable. While you feel these things, you do not think that you are an actor, because you are led by instinct. Of course, being watched thoroughly and being followed so much is a different responsibility. I just think that you have to be careful to keep everything balanced.

*Have you any fears about life?

The greatest fear of me is to lose my loved ones, especially through wrong timing.

*Is it good to follow the fashion? In the series we always see you in black. Are there different colors exist your daily life?

I prefer black and white, but it's not limited. I also dress in color. I like the fashion trend, I am interested in the trends of each period but I try to wear what suits to me. In my daily life I wear more sports wear.

*What was the most interesting compliment you got?

The most beautiful compliment was: "If I could choose another heart for me, I would like to be yours".

*Women's interest for you is very big. Is this an advantage? Can it be turned out to a disadvantage?

There is not only the interest of women. Generally when I evaluate it, I think that the appearance is mostly advantage and I take the advantage of it. About it being an advantage or disadvantage, I think that the influence of the character, of the family and of the directions you have received is great. The interest caused by appearance traps you and lifts you up as well. You have to be strong to be able to handle it.

*The motto of our magazine is "be stylish". What about yours?

If your dreams do not frighten you, they are not big enough.

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