Ayla Daughter of War in NY City

In 1950, amidst the ravages of the Korean War, Sergeant Süleyman stumbles upon a a half-frozen little girl, with no parents and no help in sight. ... So starts the saga of Ayla The Daughter of War winner of the Sedona International Film Festival's Director's Choice for Best Foreign Film in 2018. Ayla, written by Can Ulkay is based on the true story of the inseparable bond between a Turkish soldier and a Korean orphan during the Korean war.

Turkish actor Ismail Hacioglu plays the warm-hearted young officer Suleyman Dilbirligi who finds little Kim Seolin, in the role of the adorable Ayla, after her village is decimated by North Korean troops. The entire village has been massacred, and only the child clutching her dead mother's hand is alive. Not knowing what to do, Suleyman takes the child back to headquarters where she becomes the darling of the Turkish troops. After the withdrawal of the Turkish troops, try as he might, Suleyman is not able to bring Ayla back to Turkey with him, and places her in an orphanage. But their bond does not end there. Ayla

tells the story of this unlikely pair, and Suleyman's attempts to reunite with his Korean "daughter".

Ayla was selected as Turkey's official candidate for best foreign language film for the Oscars. Although the film did not make it to the short list, the story of the little Korean girl and a Turkish soldier warmed the hearts of millions around the world. The production design and camerawork by Firat Yuluel are highlighted by the ethereal music by Fahir Atakoglu will not disappoint audiences as they walk through history with Suleyman.

Suleyman and Ayla at the premier of the movie in Istanbul.

This movie was featured at the Palm Springs film Festival in January 2019 and will be featured at SVA theater in New York City on March 8.

In addition to Hacioglu and Kim, the international cast includes Cetin Tekindor (Karadayi, Icerde) and Murat Yildrim (Asi, Ask ve Ceza) with a cameo role by Eric Roberts.

Ayla movie trailer with English Subtitles.

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