Siyah Beyaz Ask: An Improbable Love Between A Beauty & The Beast

"Siyah Beyaz Ask (“SBA”: 2017 – 2018) is a glorious and unlikely, mature and nuanced, sensual and passionate love story, presented through dialogue and plot mechanisms that encapsulate a rich emotional quotient in how the protagonists evolve to come together as one. Following one of the oldest formulas in the romance genre from the 18th century fairy tale Beauty and The Beast by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, which in turn is based on tales that originated 4,000 years ago, SBA highlights the transformative powers of love and how one can flow in and out of the light and the darkness of life, based on circumstances and choices."

Click on the link below for the complete review posted on our Ibrahim Celikkol North America website.

Review: Siyah Beyaz Ask

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