Traditional Turkish Dessert: "Irmik Helvasi"

Updated: Mar 28

I found this delicious recipe on a Turkish board and I thought I would share with you. It's a classic Turkish dessert and very easy to make. İrmik helvası is a light dessert which originated among the Oguz Turkic Tribe hundreds of years ago. The Oguz came to Anatolia, the lands of modern day Turkey in the 10th Century. İrmik helvası is most commonly cooked in remembrance of a deceased family member, the birth of a baby, or when a family moves to a new house, and is shared with neighbors.

Here is the simple recipe:

1 cup semolina 1 cup sugar (or Agave) 2 cups milk (or Oatly brand oat milk) 4 tablespoons butter (or your favorite vegan butter) 4 tablespoons crushed walnuts 1 cup pine nuts

~Heat the milk and sugar in a pan and stir until sugar is dissolved.( If you use Agave, you won't have to worry about dissolving it because it is liquid)

~In another pan melt the butter and add the walnuts and pine nuts. Cook for 2 minutes

~Add the Semolina and stir for about 15-20 minutes until the mixture is thick and becomes a light brown color

~Stir the milk and sugar mixture. Make sure the milk does not boil

~Cook mixture over very low heat until the semolina is cooked to desired texture. Remove from heat.

~Place a lid over the pan and let it stand for 10-15 minutes to infuse.

Your Irmik helvası is ready to serve. You may decorate with pine nuts and fresh mint leaves.

*Dessert Recipe from Turkish Learning KivancEd Facebook Group

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